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Advantages of Our System

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  Chinese proverb

This is the essence of our system.  It enables your company to set up a structured on-the-job training program that will continue to improve performance for many years.

We have listed some of the advantages our customers have reported and hope you find them interesting.

Advantages of Structured OJT

  • You can follow classroom, web-based, and off-site instruction with OJT to ensure job competency.
  • For many kinds of jobs, structured OJT has been proven to be the most effective, efficient method of learning job skills to increase productivity and quality. 
  • OJT ensures that performance assessment can be done at Kirkpatrick’s level 3, job performance.
  • OJT is just-in-time (classroom training is often just-in-case).
  • Learning is immediately relevant to the work of the unit, whether it deals with materials, information or services.
  • OJT reinforces work relationships, especially when the supervisors are involved.
  • Informal peer training—the “hidden OJT” that teaches unsafe and ineffective practices, is reduced or eliminated.
  • Trained OJT trainers reduce mis-learning and ensure that employees learn the most expert methods. 
  • Instructors use training plans to determine the most productive use of time—who needs what skills the most to improve efficiency of the unit.
  • Instructors use job aids to ensure learning is most efficient and job performance is most effective.

Unique Features of Our System

Time Flexibility 

  • The workshop begins with one full eight-hour day.
  • The on-the-job practice of three skills can be learned in one day or over two weeks.
  • The second and third class days can be delivered in two 8-hour days or in four half-day sessions.
  • The full workshop can be delivered in four 6-hour days.
  • Or, you can configure it in a more flexible way to exactly meet your needs.  You will have a CD with the Participant Manual on it so you can re-sequence the lessons or leave out units.

Content Flexibility

  • Because you will have the Participant Manual on CD, you can make a new manual which includes only those activities you need for your program.  For example, you might omit those performance checklists that don’t pertain to a particular job or group of OJT instructors.
  • You can totally focus on instructional skills, with CFM, CFC and Real-Content Coaching practiced in two days and four teaching experiences.
  • Or, you can focus on task analysis, performance checklist, and/or job aids. Exercises can be extended for those who will be specifically responsible for developing them on the job.
  • Or, you can use it for mentor training for use in training managers or supervisors.
  • You can train everyone in your organization—from engineers to production line workers, medical staff, customer service reps, information workers, and part-time employees.

Long life

  • Photocopy masters of all consumables enable you to continue teaching without additional outside costs in the future.
  • Workshop materials are provided in an industrial-quality plastic box or a rolling soft-sided suitcase.      
  • Materials are heavy plastic and last indefinitely, and spare sets of practice exercise materials are provided..
  • Participant manuals and instructor guides are in heavy plastic binders. 
  • Re-usable folders and training materials are laminated.

Easy Set Up

  • Photocopy masters of consumable pages are designed to be printed easily and quickly in sets.
  • Replacing the pages in folders and participant manuals used in training exercises can be done in minutes.

Quality Program

  • The OJT system will support your ISO 9000, Requirement 4.18 needs.
  • The system specifically supports the guidelines in ANSI/ASQC Z1.11.
  • The error-free learning outcomes support total quality management requirements.
  • Task analyses, job aids, and performance tests are at one more level of detail than your work instructions, to which they can be directly tied.
  • The CD provides all necessary templates and checklists to enable you to set up your customized OJT program.

Instructor Quality

  • You use the Instructor Selection Test ® to determine which applicants have the potential to be the best coaches, trainers and mentors.
  • The content-free approach to teaching instructional skills ensures the instructors use the whole teaching process to cause error-free learning.
  • By practicing Real-Content Coaching with the skills they will teach on the job, your instructors start right off with success.
  • Your instructor certification program, based on level 3 on-the-job performance, will verify that your instructors are fully qualified and capable.

Cost Benefits

  • You’ll have an in-house instructor training program that will eliminate the need for outside contractors or sending people away to open- enrollment courses.
  • Productivity and quality are likely to be higher because employees are able to work faster and better.  This leads to better use of time and materials, resulting in considerable cost savings.
  • Employees won't be learning from peers and won't be using inefficient, incorrect, or unsafe methods, so you won't continue to lose money.
  • High quality products, information and services will reduce complaints from customers and raise the prestige of your organization.
  • When employees become accustomed to learning and experience immediate success, they are more quickly trained on new and additional tasks, which raises flexibility at all levels.
  • You’ll have less turnover and absenteeism, as lack of timely, proper training is a frequent reason given for leaving a company.
  • You’ll use a ROI system to show the benefits of structured OJT to the company.

Advantages for Your OJT Instructors

Instructors learn the full range of instructional skills, including how to:

  • Prioritize what skills should be learned and who should learn them to meet the needs of the organization.
  • Determine the specific training needs of individuals.
  • Break down job tasks into component steps and knowledge.
  • Write performance objectives to describe learning outcomes.
  • Develop and use performance checklists to verify achievement of objectives.
  • Write lesson outlines for one-to-one training sessions.
  • Motivate trainees to learn new skills and perform at their best.
  • Use instructional strategies appropriate to the content, trainees, and objectives.
  • Use explaining, demonstrating, coaching skills and facilitating that ensure error-free learning.
  • Develop job aids for use in training and on the job.
  • Assess their own effectiveness as instructors and improve their performance.

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